avoiding strokes

The BMJ of 14th March2009 has two articles on the avoidance of stokes.The first by Myint et al show that four health variables smoking, physical activity, alcohol intake and frit and vegetable intake ( measured by vitamin C serum concentration ) produce a substantial reduction in risk of a stroke.Smoking is shown is great detail…

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homocysteine, folic acid supplements and stroke prevention

The role of raised total plasma homocysteine concentrations and cardiovascular disease is not proving to be as clear cut as originally hoped. Whilst raised total plasma homocysteine concentrations are associated with cardiovascular disease in observational studies, clinical trials have not realised these expectations, raising the possibility that raised total plasma homocysteine concentrations are innocent bystanders.Several…

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Salt and cardiovascular disease.

Blood pressure is the most important factor in the development of strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. The dietary intake of salt(sodium chloride) has a role in determining blood pressure and hypertension . This is well shown in clinical trials. This finding applies regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, base line blood pressure and body mass.Salt…

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