avoiding strokes

The BMJ of 14th March2009 has two articles on the avoidance of stokes.
The first by Myint et al show that four health variables smoking, physical activity, alcohol intake and frit and vegetable intake ( measured by vitamin C serum concentration ) produce a substantial reduction in risk of a stroke.
Smoking is shown is great detail by Gruer et al to have a profound effect on survival regardless of ender, social status or any other parameter.
Myint et al 2009 Combined effect of health behaviours and risk of first stroke in 20040 men and women over 11 years follow-up in a Norfolk cohort of European Prospective Investigation of Cancer ( EPIC) : prospective study BMJ vol 338 pp 639-642
Gruer et al 2009 Effect of tobacco smoking on survival of men and women by social position : a 28 year cohort BMJ vol 338 pp 643
Giles 2009 Risk of stroke and lifestyle BMJ vol 3388 pp 610-11

Martin Eastwood
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