genome wide association study

Genome susceptibility to diseases.The Welcome Trust Case Control Consortium has made a large case control comparison of the gene structure of 14000 cases of seven common diseases with 2000 controls.One wonders if the control group size is sufficiently large.NeverthelessThey have identified 24 independent control association signals1 for coronary artery disease9 for Crohns disease3 for rheumatoid…

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genes, disease liability, genome wide association, diabetes

In 1913, RA Fisher, an evolutionary biologist and pioneer of modern statistics, published a paper on the genetic causes of dis­ease that brought together two rival factions.1. Geneticists who proposed a theory that diseases worked like Mendel’s pea plants, with just one or two genes responsible for each condition.2. Biometricians, however, advocated a continuous distribution…

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