genome wide association study

Genome susceptibility to diseases.
The Welcome Trust Case Control Consortium has made a large case control comparison of the gene structure of 14000 cases of seven common diseases with 2000 controls.
One wonders if the control group size is sufficiently large.
They have identified 24 independent control association signals
1 for coronary artery disease
9 for Crohns disease
3 for rheumatoid arthritis
7 for type 1 diabetes
3 in type 2 diabetes
They are also have association studies for tuberculosis , breast cancer, multiple sclerosis ankylosing spondylitis and autoimmune thyroid disease.
All of these conditions have other aetiological theories grouped around them, including diet.
The old Chinese curse, to live in a time of change
The Welcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2007, Genome-wide association study of 14,000 cases of seven common diseases and 3000 shared controls. Nature vol 447, 661-678.

Martin Eastwood
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