Water in India

The Brahmaputra river in northern India provides water for 185 million people in northwest India and Bangladesh as well as sustaining wild life and hydro- electric schemes. . The Indians have have plan to develop 6,000 kilometeres of water way from the Tibetan border to the southern tip of India. This would link the Brahmaputra , the Ganges and other rivers.
However the Chines may have a plan to develop the Western Route Diversion Project which would divert the Brahmputra river to China as the river passes through the worlds deepest canyon before entering India. A net work of dams, canals, tunnels and aqueducts would divert 2oo million cubic metres of water annualy to the Yellow River and this would have a dramatic benefitial effect on the water supply to China.
Another problem is that the proposed dam would be in a territory which has regular earthquakes. Endangering the dam system.
This river engineering could have very considrable consequences.
Similar problems are affecting the Jordan river in the Middle east and the Nile in North Afrias
The nutritional effects of such moves on populations could be enormous.

Martin Eastwood
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