China and water

A crisis is developing beneath China’s farms and cities. With about 20% of the world’s popula-tion but only about 5-7% of global freshwater resources, China draws heavily on ground¬water. Those reserves are being depleted at an alarming rate in some regions and are badly polluted in many others.The water crisis is not unique to China,…

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Water supplies and conservation

Water is vital to life The American Museum of Natural History has an exhibition on Water ( Water : H2O = Life.)The exhibition shows the difference in usage in different parts of the world. The average North American, uses between 227 and 340 litres of water per day. Yet Atlanta, Georgia, will run out of…

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Water in India

The Brahmaputra river in northern India provides water for 185 million people in northwest India and Bangladesh as well as sustaining wild life and hydro- electric schemes. . The Indians have have plan to develop 6,000 kilometeres of water way from the Tibetan border to the southern tip of India. This would link the Brahmaputra…

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