Obesity in a woman’s life

Ryan explains the disadvantages of obesity with in a stark list of outcomes at every stage of life ( Ryan 2007 Obesity in women: a life cycle of medical risk: International Journal of Obesity , 31, S3-S7.
Obesity can have an adverse affect at each stage of a woman’s life cycle.
In young women, obesity has an impact on psycho social health and, as they grow older and become parents, on their reproductive health. Obesity is also associated with a number of serious risks during pregnancy.
In older women , obesity is associated with a number of chronic diseases. E.g. type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and possibly increased risk for almost all types of cancer.
The elderly obese woman, should she live that long is at risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Obesity has a marked impact on life expectancy.
The medical risks associated with obesity in women are also important for the woman’s children and future generations.
There is emerging evidence that nutrition during foetal and early life can influence risk for obesity and chronic diseases for both sexes.

Martin Eastwood
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