Obesity and shapes , Why ?

Where I live in Scotland obesity is a real problem. It is so sad to see young women waddling along with considerable difficulty.
What is odd to me is that the old fashioned fat woman was equally fat all over, this new epidemic seems to concentrate the fat around the bottom, and result in a very broad beam person. Often the grace and prettiness of the face is left intact.
Many believe the pandemic is due to a massive increase in the eating of processed food. Could this be that the other contents of the food eg the preservative sodium nitrate could play a role n in affecting the distribution of the fat by influencing body signals and distribution controls. Crisps come to mind though there may be other chemicals and does not explain the effect of soft drinks though these may just ad to the energy input.

Martin Eastwood


  1. K

    Thanks for the information on obesity. It’s interesting to know the same thing’s happening in scottland as in the US.

    We recently wrote an article on obesity trends at Brain Blogger. Did you know that two-thirds of America is overweight? We can always blame ourselves for this sort of thing, but could it be more? Could the destruction of neighborhoods for retail stores play a part?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


  2. Martin Eastwood

    There is clearly something with an environmental element to it which is causal. Over eating, lack of exercise may be reasons but the quality of the nutrition must be a factor. It is such a disabling condition.

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