Global warming more gloom

Global warming is constantly in the aware persons mind. As the spring comes with unusual warmth there will be many for whom the warmth means no rain, no water and all the consequences. The rich will for a while get richer and the poor well. let them get on with it.
The immediately recent conference in Brussels has gone through the science and politics of global warming. It may be that there are two things happening, a natural fluctuation in the solar protective blanket accentuated by human activity. The natural protective adjustments of nature cannot operate as has happened in the past because mankind has so altered our environment that it is not easy.
Whilst scientists point out the dangers of global warming , Science must take full responsibility. For it is science which has given us the where withal to indulge in global warming. We scientists are the cause.
The politicians represent the people and have to adjust to our changes. Often very appealing.
As the drought extends there will be large sale famines and water shortages. There will be massive movement or attempts at massive movements from the southern continents, Asia, Africa and South America. Quit a prospect.

Martin Eastwood
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