global warming, the medieval view.

Global warming and climate change arc established facts with thoughts arising on the fate of the planet in the next few decades. One approach is through the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Another is to consider how conditions changed in warmer historical periods, notably AD800-l300, the Medieval Warm Period. This…

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Global warming more gloom

Global warming is constantly in the aware persons mind. As the spring comes with unusual warmth there will be many for whom the warmth means no rain, no water and all the consequences. The rich will for a while get richer and the poor well. let them get on with it.The immediately recent conference in…

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Global Warming

For many of us in the Western, more privileged world It is possible that we have had the best of everything.We are now to pay the cost of this life style.We are the reason for that best of worlds to disappear or be severely modified.

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