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Global Warming.
The International Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations will publish predictions as to the effects of global warming in this coming wee. It is predicted that the earth’s temperature will increase by 3 degrees centigrade by the end of this century. What happens after this in subsequent centuries is not clear.
The Financial Times of March 31 2007, p9reports that the warning will include
1. North America, Northern Europe and Russia milder climates will benefit tourism, allow farmers to grow wider crop variety with increased crops and that melting ice will allow mineral and oil extraction form the Arctic. Heat will damage transport infrastructure ( e.g. road surfaces may melt ), housing structure have to change to cope with heat and plant and animal pests will spread North. Grapes will grow in northern countries e.g. Scotland.
2. Southern Europe Agricultural yields will fall , droughts will be widespread
3. East Asia. Increased cyclone activity and higher storm intensity.
4. Southern USA and Caribbean . Increased hurricane activity, lower agricultural yields and worsening droughts.
5. Africa. Further spread of malaria and dengue fever epidemics, reduced crops, droughts , mass migration and probably conflict.
6. Southern Asia. Floods as the Antarctic glaciers melt , spread of diseases in man , animals and plants.
Australia. Droughts, spread of deserts and loss of agricultural land.
Oceans. Higher content of CO2 and acidification of the water with consequences for fish and plant life.

Martin Eastwood
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