yoghurt to treat hepatic encephalopathy

This leader is very important in the care of marginally encephalopathic patients. Leader 2008 Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology & Hepatology 5, 537Probiotic yogurt can reverse MHE in patients with nonalcoholic cirrhosisMinimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) affects 60–80% of patients with cirrhosis and is associated with poor quality of life, decreased work performance and impaired driving skills.…

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Honey, yoghurt and Runniness

Honey, yoghurt and Runniness When one of my children was young he would lean back after eating delicious honey laden yoghurt and say “ I love the way that trickles down my tummy” Very satisfying.What happens and the mechanism is not one that is highlighted in NutritionEven the simplest ingredients can give rise to complex…

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