benefits of exercise in the elderly

This study in Northern Italy in elderly Italians ( 65-91 years old ) showed that physical activity in an elderly Italian protected against the characteristic features of the metabolic syndrome. Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly was inversely correlated with waist circumference, triglyceride and fasting insulin concentration. Any leisure time activity , walking, dancing or sport activity is equally beneficial. Even those who began to exercise later in life benefited and those who used to exercise and gave exercise up did less well. Walking for 45-75 min / week gives substantial benefit.
Bianchi et al 2008 Physical activity is negatively associated with the metabolic. syndrome in the elderly QJM vol 101 pp 713-721
Song 2008 Physical activity in the elderly-is it never too late QJM vol 101 pp 743-744

Martin Eastwood
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