A survey of adults taking dietary supplements.

Dietary supplement survey. Harrison et al Brit Journal Nutrition 2007, 91, 617-23.

The authors of this paper surveyed 21923 adults asking them of their usage of dietary supplements along with a self assessment of health and twelve item general health questionnaire in the Bolton and Wigan area of Lancashire. They were also asked about exercise, smoking and fruit, vegetable and fish oil intake Their ethnic and social and economic status was also asked for.
A mammoth and important study.
Over 95% of replies were from white adults.
Over one third ( 35.4 %) took supplement. This group tended to be older, female, homeowners, , none smokers, physically active and white. The use of vitamin supplements was often in association with five pieces of fruit and vegetable a day. Taking fish oil supplements was in addition to one oil rich fish a week.
Those who took these supplements were physically fitter. There was increased
usage of fish oils in individuals troubled with musculoskeletal problems.
Individuals with cardio vascular diseases tended not to take any supplements.
The official view amongst Dietetic experts is that most people eat a diet which makes supplementation unnecessary. Ignoring the wish to do something natural, prudent , sustaining and cosseting to be healthy.
This is a practice generated by Nutrition literature and acted upon by the thinking public. Even if their logic is not totally correct. .It would be very interesting to know how the individuals decided to take a supplement. Gossip over tea or Bridge, daughters fussing over their Mums or reading magazines . Or none of the above.

Martin Eastwood

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