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Developmental neurotoxicity and industrial chemical

Developmental neurotoxicity of industrial chemicalsP Grondjean, PJ Landrigan Lancet 2006, 368, 2167-78Neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy are common, and cause lifelong disability. Their causes are mostly unknown. A few industrial chemicals (eg, lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls [PCBs], arsenic,and such elements as manganese, fluoride,perchlorate and toluene) are recognised…

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A Buddhist view on eating meals

Eating is central to nutrition, how we eat is seldom discussed. This is the view of a well known Buddhist teacher on eating meals Thich Nhat HanhPEACE IS EVERY STEPEating MindfullyA few years ago, I asked some children, “What is the purpose of eating breakfast?” One boy replied, “To get energy for the day.” Another…

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antioxidant action

1: Q^M. 1999 Sep;92(9):527-30.Interaction of dietary antioxidants in vivo: how fruit and vegetables prevent disease?Eastwood MA.Department of Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital Trust, UK.Epidemiological studies indicate that fruit and vegetables are health-promoting and protective against disease, particularly cardiovascular disease and cancer. Possible plant nutrients providing this protection include antioxidants and dietary fibre. Clinical…

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Poisons in Politics

Poisons in PoliticsAssassins have used poisons to remove troublesome individuals since the beginning of time. Hemlock was used by the Ancient Greeks . Socrates was killed by Hemlock ingestion. Arsenic oxide was widely used,it is free of taste, odour, readily dissolves in water and killes in doses of less than 250 mg. Ideal for the…

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Obesity is as eveyone knows a real and threatening modern problem. The simple minded think that obesity is a result of eating too much. That the ready provision of food in the West just means that people eat to much in relation to their activity. There are very few fat people in the poor areas…

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