weight history and physical performance.

Are overweight individuals overweight all their lives ? We have all seen pictures of lean and hungry looking youngsters and this contrasts with the overweight middle age person. I have always related this to less exercise and an ample diet and alcohol intake in the more sedentary older person.
Houston et al (2007 ) The association between weight history and physical performance in the Health , ageing and body composition study : International Journal of Obesity vol 31, 1680-1687.show just that.
Maintaining a healthy body weight throughout adult life may play a role in preventing or delaying the onset of less physical activity
A thought on this is in my experience (small though this is ) that long distance athletes ( slow muscle predominantly ) tend to keep exercising throughout life whereas the sprinters Fast muscle predominantly ) retire form exercise early on and become overweight. An interesting field for study.

Martin Eastwood
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