Water disputes

As global warming becomes more of a day to day reality the most conspicuous effect is on the availability of water. In parallel with the drying of the terrestrial surface there is increasing requirements for water by growing populations as well as industry.
There are many instances of this but a recent example is recorded in the London Times of February 6th 200. India is enjoying increasing prosperity and with this an increasing requirement for water. After a 17 year long tribunal the southern state of Karnataka in Southern India is obliged to allow more water to flow down the River Cauvery to States downstream. The disputes over this originate in the 19th century from the time of the Raj.
The amounts of water in discussion are massive and are in excess of 500 billion cubic feet. The States downstream are desperate for water and their needs are, they feel, unmet. Lack of water makes population panic and there have been riots in response to the most recent decisions of the Tribunal. This decision is to insist that half of the 500 billion cubic feet of water is allowed to flow down stream to fed the other States.
Such arguments abut the distribution of water are happening all over the world for example the Jordan in the Middle .East.
Elsewhere there are problems attendant upon excess rain .

Martin Eastwood
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