The adverse side of the outdoors

It is approaching the summer. Anticipation is increased by the clocks going forward
The sun for nutritionists is associated with increased vitamin D metabolism and other benefits and also a sense of well being. There is the down side of potential skin malignancies.
A further down side is the suicide rate in people who work out of doors . This is in part seasonal affect disorder but also there is a sense of despair in poor areas of the world with hopeless poverty. Also in women being forced into humiliating roles as a universal support . In many rural communities suicide is by the use of pesticides and it is estimated that there are 300,00 deaths a year using this method.
Another important source of suicide is alcoholism and this is a real problem in sportsmen. The prevalence of suicide in Cricketers is more than in the general population and may as in other sports be a consequence of alcoholism.

Martin Eastwood
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