Smells are almost everywhere. They colour our lives and make for pleasure and repulsion and can influence our appetite and pleasure in eating.
The smell of a baby even its faeces and vomit have a soft smell which lacks offensiveness. The smell of a baby’s skin is so lovely.
As the child develops, smell depends on whether the child is male or female. Boys love nasty smells. Refuse to change socks, sometimes to wash only under duress and have a glory in farts and other malodorous smells. If a group of little boys are standing in a group chortling the odds are it is farts which is the subject under discussion. In general little girls at this stage are beginning to develop the civilising characteristics of the woman and already are attracted to pleasant smells whether this is in flowers, nature as a whole or artificial scents.
The growing male then adds in stale clothes, stale beer and wine and cigarettes to his malodour.
The halitosis appears and we have the odour picture. And a smelly dog.
In the kitchen we have the accumulation of the damp smells of old kitchens , overcooked cabbage, garlic , fish and other smells.
Old people’s bedrooms smell of old people.
In nutrition if one comes into a house that smells one is put off eating. Some cafes have a damp horrid heavy old fish smell.
Air fresheners smell just as horrid.
So the answer is anosmia or to open the windows when ever possible.

Martin Eastwood
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