sleep patterns in teenagers

Sleep is an essential part of life . We spend a third of our life asleep. It is believed that growth takes place during sleep. As a thought do the developing adult obese grown fat during sleep.
Much is known about sleep intensity and levels of sleep eg REM ( Rapid eye movement ) Phase.
According to the Oxford University neuroscientist , Professor Russell Foster, adolescents have different sleep patterns to adults, and may need to lie around in bed all morning. In fact he believes that youngsters would achieve more if they were allowed to get up and start school later in the day. In the US and Germany, some schools have tried switching to later start times and have seen better exam results, as well as lower rates of truancy and depression.
Researchers in Germany, he added, have found that our sleep patterns change with age.We know teens want to go to bed two hours later than 40- to 50-ycar-olds and in 10% of them there’s a four-hour delay. It is interesting to know that the sleep patterns alter with age. Certainly the older one becomes, then the sleep pattern changes , for the worse.

The Week January 27th p 17

Martin Eastwood
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