phytosterol enriched margarines and effectiveness on blood lipids

Phytosterol-stanol enriched margarines are an attractive method to reduce the blood lipids.
In an extensive study in Holland groups of individuals using either cholesterol lowering drugs or phytosterol-stanol enriched margarines ,or both cholesterol lowering drugs and phytosterol-stanol enriched margarines and a control group were looked at over a 5 year period.
The reduction in lipid concentrations on average was
Cholesterol lowering drugs – -17%
Phytosterol stanol enriched margarine – -4%
cholesterol lowering drugs, plus phytosterol-stanol enriched margarines -29%
control 0%
The conclusion was that on their own the phytosterol-stanol enriched margarines were of modest value but with cholesterol reducing drugs had an enhancing effect.
Jong et al 2007 Exposure and effectiveness of phytosterol/stanol-enriched margarines
Vol 61, 1407-1415

Martin Eastwood
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