Our food, our future

I listened yesterday morning to a wonderful programme on BBC Radio 4 “ Our Food, our future” presented by Tome Hean. The participants included young mothers short of money and cooking skills and some very articulate and contributing Nutritionists and Dieticians. ( BBC Radio 4 Monday 9 am August 4th available to hear on the BBC web site ).
One contributor made a very good point. He differentiated between the value of food and the values of food.
The Value being the price at the shop
The Values being the whole of nutrition, the nutrition value of a food , its economic history and its ability to add to the well being of the consumer with minimal disturbance of the world’s being.
Added values being the cooking so that raw materials are presented as delicious food. Also the importance of sit down meals, not grazing. The importance of the communal family unit..
Many of the young women confessed to being ignorant of cooking skills. Also with their economies failing, the cost of made up food and less food for cooking had to be balanced against preparation costs and time and cooking costs.,

Martin Eastwood
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