osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D supplementation

Osteoporosis is a progressive disabling bone condition where the bones soften as a result of bone resorption exceeding bone formation. Tang et al in a careful review of the prescription of calcium and vitamin D concluded that calcium ( 1200 mg / day ) or calcium plus 800 iu of vitamin D in addition to the calcium significantly and beneficially decreased bone loss and decreased fractures.
Notes of caution.
Many people fail to last the course of treatment and it is essential to take this supplement for years
It is better to start aged between 50-70 than older.
Be careful of too much calcium , we are talking of grammes per day can lead to hypercalcaemia, the milk alkali syndrome. Rare but exists. ( Kaklamanos and Perros 2007 Milk alkali syndrome without the milk , BMJ vol 335 397-8
(Tang et al 2007 Use of calcium or calcium in combination with vitamin D supplementation to prevent fractures and bone loss in people aged 50 years and older: a meta analysis Lancet vol 370 pp 657-66 and comment Reginster J-Y 2007, Calcium and vitamin D for osteoporotic fracture risk Lancet vol 370, 632-3)

Martin Eastwood
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