obesity epidemiology

Origins of obesity
The explanations for the epidemic of obesity that is such a problem to modern man are varied and ingenious. They range from the genetic to the endocrine , amount of exercise and diet.
All of these are probably based in fact.
One contribution to obesity, which may be central to the problem, is the availability of inexpensive prepared food. Our ancestors until the 1970s bought raw foods and cooked them. This required much work by the housewife and therefore there was a limit to how much was available. Confectionary was limited in availability. Now the advances in transport means that large containers can move foods around the world. Commercial modern cooking and baking facilities and practices mean that our shops are full of ready to eat food. Which are delicious. This availability is expanded by the huge supply of sweets, chocolates and potato crisps. No time is spent cooking them and a limiting factor is removed.

Martin Eastwood
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