obesity and a choir

It is interesting to make observations on common conditions and groups. When I first came to Edinburgh as a student in 1954 there were groups of elderly people with rickets sitting on the benches alongside a main thorough fare.
Last weekend I went to a Christmas Choir concert here in Fife. There must have been over 50 children mostly girls aged 10-12years singing in a choir. There are many quoted figures for obesity rates but in this group only 2 or at the most 3 who were obese. The remainder were slim children,. This is in contrast to the young people using those aisles in the supermarket which carry biscuits, sweets, drinks, alcoholic or none alcohol where fat people abound. .
Does this mean that singing prevents obesity? Or that the type of child who sings in a choir comes from a social group wee nutrition is important.

Martin Eastwood
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