Newton and Nutrition

One thing that still intrigues Melvyn Bragg in his news letter In Our Time BBC 03-084-2008 is the idea that Newton for example can derive the laws of motion without experimental evidence. In this regard there was a lovely quotation from Descartes speaking of Galileo: “he builds without foundations”. Galileo declared that whatever causes gravity isn’t worth worrying about. What matters is getting the measurements right and understanding how it works. As long as you get the measurements right, what happens, happens. Not unlike the American Indian idea of the Great Mystery in the sky.
I think that this encapsulates my dissatisfaction with so much nutrition research, struggling to make more of results than is reasonable. An experiment in a test tube , a result, a phenomenon described and here is the answer to cancer , heart disease and so many other conditions.
Ease over Nutrition Newton, slow down.

Martin Eastwood
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