mineral waters and bone

The consumption of mineral waters is increasing in industrialised countries. High intakes of Ca and other alkalising cations as. well as a low acid intake are beneficial to bone. Wynn and colleagues looked to see which components of mineral waters are influencing their Ca content and alkalinising power, in order to define the optimal profile. European mineral waters were randomly selected on the Internet: 100 waters with less than 200 mg Cal (9·98 mEqll) and fifty with more than 200 mgl, all with complete data for S04, P, Cl, Na, K, Mg and Ca, and most also for RC03. For comparison, forty North American mineral waters were randomly chosen. The potential renal acid load (pRAL) was calculated for each mineral water. North American waters did not reveal significant results because of their low mineralisation.
They undertook correlations between all eight components in order to explore the properties of the mineral waters. A high Ca content is associated with either a high S04 or a high RC03 content. S04 theoretically increases Ca excretion, while RC03 and low PRAL values are associated with positive effects on bone. Therefore, the best waters for bone health are rich in both RC03 and Ca, and by consequence low in S04′

Wynn et al (2009) The composition of mineral waters sourced from Europe and North America in respect to bone health: composition of mineral water optimal for bone British Journal of Nutrition (2009), 101, 1195-1199
Acid-base balance: Potential renal acid load: Mineral water: Calcium metabolism: Bone health

Martin Eastwood


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