Little obesity in Central France

I have just returned from a holiday in the Auverne France. Fun and lots of good food.
A striking feature of both the cities and rural areas is the seemingly uncommon occurrence of the obesity which is so commonly seen in Britain. This includes school children .
There must be many reasons for this but amongst the possibilities are
1. The reverence which the French have for food and the slow pace of eating the evening meal. Over 2 hours are spent in eating, chatting and being. No preoccupation with glycaemic indices which is a cover up for fast food. Fast in and slowly released. Contrary to current thought here in the UK breakfast is a small meal.
2..The small proportion of food shop display space devoted to crisps and confectionary..
3. Perhaps a sensitivity to the charm of slimness as apposed to the swelter of obesity.
But whilst observation is not epidemiology it is still a strong tool.

Martin Eastwood

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