Immuno nutrition review

A supplement to the October 2007 British Journal of Nutrition; vol 98, supplement 1 is devoted to immuno nutrition in Health and disease. This is a tour de force. A brilliant example of modern scientific nutrition at its very best.
There are four introductory reviews including the recent history of the science.
The improvements in nutrition consequent upon the improved knowledge of what matters in nutrition is described by Scrimshaw and Solomon, who have achieved so much in this field.
The benefits of better nutrition and supplements of vitamins( vitamins A, D, E, C, B6, B12 ) and trace elements( iron, copper, selenium, zinc ) are major advances in Health and disease reduction
There are papers on the immune system and micronutrients, fatty acids and bioactive compounds ,and alcohol. The inflammatory process and obesity. Finally the important area of immuno nutrition and illness.
The President and vice President of the Work shop modestly call the publication excellent overview, an understatement.

Martin Eastwood
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