Holstein-Friesian dairy cows

When I was in my teens I milked a large herd of Friesian cows. I have always had affection for these gentle massive converters of green grass into white milk.
They are the largest dairy breed in the world
8.57 million in USA
2.6 1 millions Poland
2.17 Millions UK
2.15 millions German
1.4 millions Italy
1.2 millions Ireland
Their average weight is 675 kg and now produces some 7000 litres of milk per year. The advent of artificial insemination has increased the capacity of any one bull to inseminate many cows, one bull has 50,000 daughters by this method.
There are however 240 million dairy cows in the world.
Lavelle FT weekend September 6/7 2008

Martin Eastwood
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