History of Italian Food by John Dickie

Italy is such a mix of cultures from the North with the great City States to the South and Sicily extending into the Mediterranean absorbing the flow of cultures passing by through the centuries.
This great mix is reflected in the wonderful cuisine that Italy enjoys. Even the French cuisine owes something in part to an Italian Princess marrying into the French Royal family and bringing her own Italian Chefs and food delicacies.
Where ever Italians have migrated they have transformed the local diet with their food. To the extent that a well known English Model on returning home said that whilst she was abroad that she had longed for good English food like spaghetti.
John Dickie has written a fine history of Italian food which makes good reading.
The glory of nutrition is the translation of science into an agreeable meal. And the Italians have instinctively achieved this.
John Dickie The epic history of the Italians and their food Hodder and Stoughton

Martin Eastwood

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