good practical slimming advise

I bought a sandwich from BON APPETIT and found this advise on how to slim. It was such common sense that I thought it was worth handing on. I have not contacts with the firm and only occasionally eat sandwiches but this is such good advise.
They interviewed loads of French women (of all ages). A few Spanish and a couple of Italians as well. Here’s their advice on eating well (and keeping a good figure):

Insist on nutritious, fresh, natural, quality food without any nasties in it

Eat three times a day and don’t pig out No grazing Don’t count calories.

Simply eat with your head. Think about what your’re eating (before you eat it]

Lay the table, sit down, get a plate. And when you’re nearly full, stop eating

Don’t diet , diets are rubbish. Being on a diet is a constant losing bottle

Crisps, cookies and candy are not ‘treats’. Eat them at your peril

Drink lots and lots (and lots) of water every day and, dare we say it, less alcohol?

If you hate exercise don’t worry (don’t feel guilty).

Eat and drink properly and you’ll be fine

Behave slim and you’ll stay slim. Slim is a state of mind

from a sandwich box sold by BON APPETIT

Martin Eastwood
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