Global warming migration

Global Warming induced migraton.
Migration from the farms has long been a feature of the dry areas of Western Africa. Rural life becomes more difficult and populations move to the cities and urban life.
As Global Warming progresses so people will find farming impossible and will move in search of sustenance and work.
10 % of the population would have to move from their homes with a 1-metre rise in sea level. 1 billion live in dry lands vulnerable to drought. The number of people seeking new places to live may reach between 50 million to 1 billion of the world population of 9 billion by 2050.
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 1.5 million people left in 14 days. Three times the number who moved in the great Dust Bowl migration of 1930s.
The low lying Maldive Islands will disappear under the sea with consequent loss of habitation for the present population.
These movements will overwhelm the refugee laws and humanitarian agencies. The rich and ecological stable countries will be under pressure from this migration.
The global change will range from disasters as with Hurricane Katrina, drought and wildfires , loss of marginal land to desert, sea rises of possibly 3 meters
Knight 2009 The human tsunami FT Weekend Magazine June 20/21 p 24-31

Martin Eastwood
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