eating behaviour and risk of obesity

Maruyama and colleagues in Osaka Japan have reported a fascinating study on eating quickly and eating until full ( Maruyama et al 2008 The joint impact on being overweight of self reported behaviours of eating quickly and eating until full: cross sectional survey BMJ vol 337 pp 1091-1093
Eating quickly, gorging and binge eating have been associated with total energy intake satiety, insulin resistance and being overweight and obesity. This combination increases the risk of being obese 3 fold.
The show in heir study that eating until full and eating quickly were associated with being overweight in Japanese men and women.
There may well have been a radical change in social behaviour and eating patterns over the period that obesity has been a problem.
The paper was accompanied by and editorial
Denney-Wilson and Campbell 2008 Eating behaviour and obesity. Eating fast and until full trebles the risk. BMJ vol 337 pp 1064-5

Martin Eastwood
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