Dietary predictors of obesity

This study looks for the dietary predictor of visceral adipose tissue area in overweight young adults. A total of 109 young adults (fifty males and fifty-nine females) ate ad libitum in a university cafeteria for 14 d. All food and beverages con¬sumed in the cafeteria were measured using observer-recorded weighed plate waste. Food consumption ontside the cafeteria (i.e. snacks) was assessed by multiple-pas 24 h recall procedures. Visceral adipose tissue was determined using computed tomography. Stepwise regression demonstrated that the best predictor of visceral adiposity in women was total dietary fat (P~0•05). In men, the model for predicting visceral adiposity included Ca and total dietary fat. They concluded that total dietary fat is the best predictor of Visceral adipose tissue area in both men and women. While this relationship was independent in women, in men there was a synergistic relationship between dietary fat consumption and Ca consumption in predicting Visceral adipose tissue.
Bailey et al 2010 Dietary predictors of visceral adiposity’ in overweight young adults . Brit Journal Nutrition vol 103, 1702-1705

Martin Eastwood
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