Coordinated series of papers on Child Poverty

Poverty and the impact on children is a global problem.
It is impossible to look at pictures of beautiful youngsters from anywhere in the world and not to feel a strong sense of protection and hope for their future. Of course there is also the adage “the trouble with a kitten is that it grows into a cat”. The adult population has problems of its own.
Poverty however can compromise child development in so many ways. A remarkable enterprise is being conducted by 235 scientific journals around the world to draw attention to the theme of poverty and human development. Amongst these are
New York Academy of Sciences Special Annals Volume which has with typical generosity made articles available on line for open access. These include articles on Tuberculosis, HIV, hookworm, education and access to health care.
BMJ 2007, 27th October has an issue- Health in an unequal world devoted to the same subject. This includes Equitable access to health care ,including teenagers, poverty in Liverpool, school feeding programmes, Malaria and infant health .Articles are available on line.
The Lancet has a series of papers on this topic over a number of weeks.
This is true nutrition. Here are complex political, cultural , agricultural and nutritional problems. With millions dying in the sub African Sahara from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria the fate of the next generation in these countries is very indeterminate. The eldest child rears the others. This is far from ideal.

Martin Eastwood
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