Climate change and nutrition

Climate change and Global warning

Whilst there is debate as to the nature and possible causes of Global warming, and whether or not this is a threat, there is a growing belief that throughout the world the ambient temperature is climbing. There is a body of opinion that would have us believe that this is due to the green house gases especially CO2. Another group believes that the changes, are part of a cycle in our climate and are to be welcomed.
Whatever, a report published, on October 10th , 2006, by Sir Nicholas Stern a former Chief eEonomist at the World Bank predicts a rise in temperature by 2050 of about 5 degrees Celsius.
If this were to happen the prime result would be on water, drought , flooding and rainstorms depending on local condition,.
The consequences would be profound , especially on Nutrition . The disturbances of such changes on available water could be far reaching. .As nutritionists we must try to prevent such an occurrence and also have contingency plans for preventing or minimising the effect. On a local level how are people to sustain life in wide spread torrid conditions?

Martin Eastwood
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