mitochonria and post trauma illness

These are such ingenious and clever two papersSerious physical injury, or trauma, is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, Patients who survive the initial trauma, despite medical and surgical care, often remain critically ill. One cause of this extension of danger is the systemic inflammatory response syndrome with shock and compromised function of…

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mitochondrial diseases

Mitochondria have important roles in cellular processes, for example, production of cellular energy in the form of ATP and pro¬grammed cell death (apoptosis). Each mitochondrion contains between two and ten copies of mtDNA,. Cells have numerous mitochondria, a cell may harbour several thousand mtDNA copies. Mutations in mtDNA occur at a tenfold or higher rate…

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mitochondrial bar code

Mitochondria, the cell’s energy producers, are descended from free-living bacteria that took up residence within other cells some 2 billion years ago. They have a modest genetic size being only 37 genes in vertebrates, compared with more than 20,000 in a nucleus. Yet within this little genome, researchers have identified a 64S-nucleotide stretch as the…

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