Carbohydrates in Human Nutrition

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2007 vol 61 has published a supplement. S1-137
Joint FAO/ WHO scientific update on carbohydrates in human nutrition
FAO / WHO Scientific Update on carbohydrates in human nutrition: introduction
C Nishida & F Martinez Nocito
Carbohydrate terminology and classification
J H Cummings & A M Stephen
Nutritional characterization and measurement of dietary carbohydrates
K N Englyst, S Liu & H N Englyst
Physiological aspects of energy metabolism and gastrointestinal effects of carbohydrates
M Elia & 3 H Cummings
Carbohydrate intake and obesity
R M van Dam & J C Seidell
Dietary carbohydrate: relationship to cardiovascular disease and disorders of carbohydrate metabolism
J Mann
Carbohydrates and cancer: an overview of the epidemiological evidence
T J Key & E A Spencer
Glycemic index and glycemic load: measurement issues and their effect on diet-disease relationships
B J Venn & T J Green

FAO/WHO Scientific Update on carbohydrates in human nutrition: conclusions
J Mann, J H Cummings, et al

Martin Eastwood
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