Book review, The end of Food, Paul Roberts.

This book discusses a familiar them. That the World cannot sustain increasing numbers. That the food will run out.
The present crisis in fuel is maybe a fore taste. Who knows but this book is worth looking at.
The End of Food
by Paul Roberts
Houghton Mifflin,
Paul Roberts writes “On nearly every level, we are reaching the end of what may one day be called the `golden age’ of food. The soaring cost of corn, wheat, rice and other basic grains, the fruit of record-high oil prices, panic hoarding, greedy speculation, climate change, soil degradation, water shortages, natural disasters, and the heavily subsidized rush to convert edible grains into biofuel. The results: malnutrition, mass protests, and disease.
It’s not that the world is running short of plants and animals to fill nearly 7 billion bellies. Not yet, anyway.
But the system for distributing the calories required to keep us going is completely out of control. . At one extreme, it provides North Americans with a calorie rich diet, at the other, it denies even a pitifully adequate supply to at least a billion people.”

Martin Eastwood
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