aetiology of childhood obesity

Childhood and adult obesity is a real problem. There are so many bottoms around which require two seats to fit their shape.
There is a brilliant review on the aetiology of childhood obesity in the Nutrition Research Review, 2007, 20, 29-45 by KL Procter..
Of the models suggested to account for this increase the one chosen is an ecological one which discusses individual, social and cultural and physical environment.
A genetic reason as a prime cause is dismissed out of hand. The environment must be the prime contributor regardless of the genetic predisposition.
The factors discussed are
Physical activity children exercise less and watch television more
Diet , this is not clear cut as more food is not necessarily being eaten
Eating patterns , snacking and missing main meals. Meals are less defined and grazing is the norm.
Diet composition again a complex topic.
Consumption of unhealthy foods fast foods and soft drinks.
Obesogenic environment
Foetal environment birth weight, maternal smoking, is associated with childhood obesity
Infant environment regarded by some as critical
Family structure
School environment
Neighbourhood environment
And others, the food industry, TV adverts and general attitudes and policies.

Martin Eastwood
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