a good text on thermodynamics

Peter Atkins has written a non mathematical book on thermodynamics.
To my mind there are three elements to nutrition.
1. What goes into the system ( food)
2. How the food is metabolised ( metabolism and thermodynamic)
3. What happens to the metabolic process e.g. growth , exercise etc
Whilst much attention is given to 1 and to an extent 3 few in Nutrition with note worthy heroes cope with 2
The reason is simple we who are attracted to nutrition are not attracted to the subject because of its mathematical content. Quite the converse. Most of our maths is restricted to counting calories.
But thermodynamics are to be neglected at our peril
The underlying problems will be resolved by an understanding of the thermodynamics of the obese system.
Or maybe obesity is some form of infection rather as duodenal ulcers turned out to be not due primarily to acid but the Helicobacter bacteria. .
The book which is well recommended is
Four laws that drive the universe Peter Atkins Oxford University Press

Martin Eastwood
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