2015 Countdown for health

The Lancet for April 23 2008 is largely devoted to the Countdown programme for 2015. This initiative is so important for the poor countries of the world.
Of enormous importance for our world and the future of the populations.
The features of the Countdown Initiatives are
Country Focus Individual country profiles of coverage with selected information about the demographic and epidemiological contexts and key determinants of coverage.
68 priority countries 68 countries with the highest burden of maternal and child mortality, which represent more than 97% of all such deaths
Coverage of interventions within the continuum of care.
Tracking coverage of interventions with evidence of effects for maternal, newborn, and child survival, which tan be delivered within the continuum of care, the core of a functioning health system
Continuity Countdown will continue to report on progress until 2015, the target date for the Millennium Development Goals
Independence yet wide ownership
An effort, involving UN agencies and Civil society, individual researchers, and development worked from country, regional, and international levels
Action-oriented Countdown amalgamates the information needed to assess progress and spur country level action to accelerate progress towards reduction of maternal, newborn, and child mortality and improved nutrition

Martin Eastwood


  1. christina

    Excellent post,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. Good health nutrition is the key to remain looking younger. If your body is getting all of its nutritional needs met and you lead a balanced lifestyle with a minimum of stress and regular exercise then you can expect to look better than the majority of people who don’t manage any of those aspects of their life very well. 🙂

    Max Life Research

  2. Martin Eastwood

    This is a life time commitment. Middle age and old age is pay back time. Those who carefully look after their bodies and minds can hope to retain their well being. though sadly this is not fool proof

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