vegetarianism and IQ

In a study of 8170 thirty year old men and women a possible link between IQ and vegetarian practice was examined. Only 366 were vegetarian, ( 4.5 % ) and even within this group 123 ate fish or chicken.
Vegetarians were more likely to be female, of a higher social class throughout their life and to have a good education. A higher IQ at 10y of age was likely to result in a vegetarian food intake. Though the odds ratio is not too high,( ≈1.38 )
A most intriguing result, where much is allowed for in the calculations.
The basic question is why do young people become vegetarian , health or unwillingness to kill animals for food.. Are girls more sensitive to this concern ? Are more intelligent girls more sensitive to animals being killed for food.
Or does vegetarian practice enhance IQ.?
Gale et al 2007, BMJ, vol 334, pp 245-8

Martin Eastwood
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