Surgical treatment of obesity in adults

Obesity is a health hazard.
Leff and Heath in a review in British Medical Journal 26 Sept 2009 p 740-746 state
The surgical treatment of obesity can only be proposed if
1. the BMI ( kg/m2) over 40
unless they have co-existing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnoea when 35-40 suffices.
2. failed to significantly loose weight over at least 6 months.
3. the surgery has to take place in an experienced equipped unit for pre operative, operative and post operative care.
4. fitness for surgery

That bariatric surgery is the only long term solution for such morbid obesity. Common procedures for weight loss include gastric banding, Roux –en –Y bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.
Careful follow up subsequently is important and includes vitamin and mineral supplements. Following Roux –en –Y bypass vitamin B12 supplements are obligatory.
Leff and Heath 2009 Surgery for obesity in adulthood. British Medical Journal 26 Sept p 740-746

Martin Eastwood

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