Obesity in Swedish Conscripts

There is no doubt that obesity is a real community problem. An elegant study of Swedish Army Conscripts gives further evidence of the change in fitness in a progressive country.
Neovius et al( 2008 ) Shift in the composition of obesity in young adult men in Sweden over a third of a century International Journal of Obesity (2008) vol 32, pp 832–836;
The studied assessed whether there had been a change in the number of young Swedish men classifiable as obese (body mass index (BMI) 30) during the last one-third of a century.
The study was retrospective of 1, 580,913 men (18.3 0.4 years) representing 82% of the Swedish male population at military conscription age between 1969 and 2005. Measured height and weight were used to define moderate and morbid obesity as BMI 30–34.9 and 35, respectively..
From 1969–1974 to 2000–2005, the prevalence of moderate obesity almost quintupled (0.8–3.8% ; PMorbid obesity increased faster than moderate obesity during the last 35 years.

Martin Eastwood
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