obesity and inflammatory proceses.

In the May 21st 2007, Nature vol 447, pp 525-7 Kendall Powell gives a chatty account of fat metabolism
It is worth reading
One thing that did occur to me was a result of the reminder that adipose tissue produces TNFά, and cytokine interleukin both indicators of low grade inflammatory processes. In addition macrophages invade fat tissue, macrophages are associated with an inflammatory response.
In this article coherent arguments are made for the inflammatory response being part of the complications of obesity.
I worked as a Gastroenterologist. For most of my working life duodenal ulcers were seen to be a consequence of excess gastric acid secretion and that stress was the basis of this. Then it was shown that the causal agent was infection of the gastric and duodenal mucosa by Helicobacter pylorides. Everyone until then everyone assumed that no bacteria could survive in the hostile environs of the stomach. Since it was possible to eradicate the Helicobacter by antibiotics duodenal ulceration has ceased to be a problem.
What if obesity is the consequence of an infection . Not necessarily primarily in the adipose tissue . It is easy to dismay such a silly idea out of hand but remember the duodenal ulcer story and the inflammatory process was thought to be due to the acid.

Martin Eastwood
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