Obesity and diabetes in Pacific Asian region

The is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the Asia Pacific region. The Pacific Island diet has shifted from one based on traditional root crops and sea food to one relying on energy dense and nutritionally poor imported food.
Obesity i.e. BMI greater than 30kg/m2 is found in 30-75 % of different populations in this area. Diabetes is found in 47 to 14 % of these populations. The epidemic is found in Hong Kong and also China.
Diabetes is found in 7.7% of Hong Kong adults associated with an increasing obesity rate. Similar figures are found in China.
For every person in the World with Diabetes there are three in China with diabetes ( 93 million )
Presumably due to changing dietary patterns, availability of food and cultural changes in life styles.
Cheng 2010 Asia Pacific faces Diabetes challenge Lancet vol 375 pp 2207-2210

Martin Eastwood
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