oat bran molecular weight and cholesterol lowering effect

The physical form of food may well be a factor in its metabolism in the gastro intestinal tract. In this study, the authors looked at the cholesterol-lowering effects of different oat bran (oat bran) preparations, differing and their peak molecular weight (MWp) of β-glucans (2348,1311,241,56, 2l or There was no correlation between the molecular weight of β-g1ucan and the amount of propionic acid formed in caecum.There was a significant correlation between the ratio of (propionic acid + butyric acid)/acetic acid and the MWp of β -glucans: the ratio increased with increasing molecular weight. The results of the present study suggest that the molecular weights and viscous properties of β-glucan in oat products may not be crucial parameters for their cholesterol-lowering effects.
Immerstrand et al 2010 Effects of oat bran, processed to different molecular weights of β -glucan, on plasma lipids and caecal formation of SCFA in mice Brit Journal Nutrition vol 104 364-373

Martin Eastwood
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