Nutrition or sportsman

FOOD & Drink for Footballers and other Sportsmen

WATER is important to keep you hydrated.

Drink water before the game and at half time. Energy drinks are ok but water is vital

PROTEIN is important, if possible, every day.

Meat, chicken, eggs, bread, beans.

This helps build muscles.


Fruit, vegetables & fresh fruit juices, the famous five (a day) are still as good as ever.


You need energy stored in the body to last the full game.
Energy comes from sugar. You can get different sugars from different foods

Quick acting energy comes from ordinary sugar

Found in sugary drinks, sweets and chocolate bars.

These are good to eat at half time, but can damage your teeth if too much is eaten.

Slow acting energy comes from starchy foods (stores energy for long term fitness)

Found in bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, breakfast cereals, beans and bananas.

It is good to eat some slow acting energy food twice on the day of the game

In the morning before the game

And later on in the day

Try to eat 2 of these foods every day

These foods and drinks could make you a better player who is energetic all through the game, and help you be a winner!!!

Along with exercise, food and drink are vital for young football winners!

Martin Eastwood


  1. Martin Eastwood

    Who are they? Were “They” talking of these young sports men and women. This policy is intended for young men, women, girls and boys who are voracious eaters and wanting to replenish energy needs (carbohydrates and some fat) and to grow(protein, vitamins,secondary plant metabolites and minerals). The provision of 9 – 13 servings a day is verging on nutritional extremism for these sportsmen. I am a passionate advocate of fruit and vegetables in the diet but sensibleness is also a factor.

  2. Josue

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